Import your data

Most of our personal data lives in siloed databases controlled by third parties. With Memri, you can import data from third party services like Gmail or Whatsapp to your Memri Pod. Once your data is in the pod, you can easily label it, and use it to build data powered applications. All your data is fully encrypted in the Pod, and is accessible with keys that only you own. If you are interested to learn more about the full security profile of Memri, read more at the Memri Pod security page.

Import your data: a short walkthrough

In the Memri app you can connect datastreams to your account. When you authenticate with one of those datastreams, like the Whatsapp datastream, your whatsapp data will be synced with the Memri Pod. In the Apps section of the Memri app, you can access your inbox, which should now show all your chats. When you connect to other messaging apps, their data will also appear in your inbox. You can filter by data source, or make your own custom data visualizations.

Next: Build your first data app

With your data in your Pod, you are ready to start using Memri to build Data Apps. If you get stuck, our team and the community are ready to help!

There are a few paths you can take from here:

If you’re competely new to ML

The easiest way to start is to follow step-by-step sentiment analysis app tutorial.

Build a machine learning model on your personal data

The first step is to create a labeled dataset.